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Taking Part

For 15 years, Pelletier + Schaar has enjoyed meeting the challenge of designing in a rural community atmosphere which has given us the opportunity to work in breathtaking waterfront, mountain and pastoral locales. We have ferried to work, we have hiked in, we have spotted eagles and dipped toes off the docks on lunch breaks.

As the ripple of activity and growth has arrived in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, we see a lot of change on the horizon for the small town we call home for much of the day. We welcomed the farmers market and new shops offering locally made goods, we love trying the new restaurants, and look forward to the summer concert series culminating in the end-of-summer BBQ and Blues event.

At City Hall, a lot of thought is being put into the quality of life that the town of Stanwood can offer its residents. We were honored to take part in a discussion last week about the future of this town and the impact it will have on the current generation and those to come.

Home to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, Stanwood is looking hard at the way we interact with the town and use our public outdoor space. With the luxury of waterfront, clean air and beautiful farmland on three sides; a lot of attention is going into parks and trail systems. Two new parks are planned for the nearly inaccessible waterfront area to encourage boating and beach activity. In addition, Heritage Park will receive an upgraded ball field that will allow for year-round use.

With the addition of a fresh network of safe trails to connect with the existing trail system, those who want to take families out to enjoy a weekend of sunshine- or those who just want to stretch their legs on a lunch break- will be able to enjoy Stanwood on foot or bike like they haven't before.

This is good news for local business. With the growth of public open space and better participation in fun local events, businesses should look forward to more local faces popping in for coffee or picnic supplies.

We look forward to seeing the community thrive and take advantage of its beautiful locale.




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