There is no question, those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest love the outdoors, and it really isn’t hard to see why. The Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains create an incredible outdoor play ground for us to enjoy and explore. There is only one problem: summer is short! And with such short summers there is always a little bit of pressure to get outside and enjoy as much of the sunshine as possible before it all fades to gray.

Unfortunately we cannot all go backpacking for the three months of beautiful weather we have here each year, but that does not mean we can’t enjoy some of that sunshine right in our own backyards. The landscape of the Pacific Northwest offers unique opportunities to create outdoor living spaces that allow you to feel the peace and serenity we have all come to love about this area. The following images are just a small example of some of the outdoor living spaces we have created for our clients. Whether you area is large or small, we hope these ideas help you envision and plan your own outdoor living space.


This fully covered outdoor living space really has it all: large fire place, breathtaking views and lots of comfortable seating allowing it to be used year round..

Beautiful landscaping and arbors create the perfect location for this small, yet elegant, outdoor living room.


The architect knew the outdoor space of this remodel project absolutely had to be preserved. The original and weathered concrete can not be duplicated and only needed the compliment of a new patio cover, furnishings and potted plants to turn the space from an eye sore to enviable.

Surround sound speakers will help to set the mood in this outdoor dining room.

The front patio of this home is an ideal spot for a morning cup of coffee.

A traditional red umbrella and simple dining set compliment this anything but traditional home. The large accordion doors connect the outdoor dining area to the kitchen, creating an easy to use space.

The weathered steel and cedar arbor give shade to this outdoor dining space.

This home design offers the opportunity for two different types of outdoor dining: an intimate balcony seating area as well as a larger space for entertaining. Both with spectacular views of the Puget Sound.


A weathered steel planter box and contemporary fire pit compliment this contemporary home design.