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Morelli Cottage

Camano Island, Washington - Renovated Cottage

A serene play on contrasts plays out on a quiet beach on Camano Island in Washington. A midcentury cottage was reinvented with a new great room, fresh color palette and repurposed garage. Easy livable elegance is achieved with white painted wood surfaces, many antique treasures culled from family and local shops, and banks of windows that wash the spaces with light bouncing off the Puget Sound. The family finds respite from city life here; where salt air and coffee are the favored perfumes, beach walks and stargazing trump television, and meals are savored listening to the waves.

Interiors were designed to be light and airy. Rustic beams, natural materials, and simple-yet-classic detailing create a casual atmosphere typified in a beach cottage. Large doors open to the immediate and expansive views.

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1500 s.f.

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