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Graham Deck and Bath

Mercer Island, Washington

This home, originally designed by well-known Seattle based architect Fred Bassetti, was built in 1960 in the Mid-Century modern style for which he would later become famous. However, when it was purchased by its current owners in 2010 it was in need of renovating. Fortunately, the new owners loved the home for both its history and style and wanted to modernize the master bath, bedroom, closet, laundry and deck without detracting from the integrity of the original style and design.

The clients approached Pelletier+Schaar who took on the challenge of renovating the home while maintaining the characteristic style of this mid-century home. This was accomplished by staying true to the principles of that type of design: clean lines, functional spaces, large windows to connect the home to the exterior, along with vivid pops of color.

The deck was expanded and an outdoor kitchen space was added. A cover was also added to a portion of the deck with a roof line designed to compliment the low sloping roof of the original home.

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