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If your schedule is tight, our home plans are a way to have a well designed home in less time than it takes working through the design process for a custom home. We have made some of our homes available for purchase that showcase modern living in the Northwest. Styles include: one story homes, homes with daylight basements, multi-level homes and two story homes. As a service, we can provide modifications, site planning, interiors and / or help with permitting


Our single level plans provide a great variety of room configurations all on one level, convenient for young families and seniors. Some plans even offer a completely flush entrance, with no steps at all.


​Homes with a daylight basement take the best advantage of sloping lots, where the outdoors can be accessed directly from the lower level. Often these plans can fit onto a narrower lot, yet provide the size of home comfortable for a family.


These homes include the popular split and tri-levels, which again can address both narrow and slightly contoured properties. In both cases moving between floor levels is minimized by stair configurations that are not one long run, often found in two story homes.


A two story home can make the most of a narrow lot and budget by minimizing the footprint of the house, typically with bedrooms on the upper level. Many styles often include lofts or open balconies that overlook great rooms below.


Pricing is $0.50 per square foot for a set of plans that include:

    - Foundation Plan

    - Floor Plan(s)

    - Framing Plan

    - Roof Plan

    - Exterior Elevations

    - Building Sections

    - Standard Construction Details

Additional site planning and lateral structural design are required by the locality. Check with your local permitting agency for requirements. Pelletier + Schaar can provide site planning services, can recommend and coordinate with a structural engineer, and help with permitting for additional fees based upon our current hourly rates.


Modifications are billed at our current hourly rates.


All designs are copyright by Pelletier + Schaar, LLC. Any reproduction or modification of the plans without express written consent is prohibited. The purchase of a set of plans includes a license to construct one structure as detailed in the purchased plans. Reuse of the plans for additional construction is expressly prohibited. This license is non-transferable.


To purchase or modify plans, please contact Pelletier + Schaar.


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